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Deborah Smaal Hair transplantation

"Where passion and perfection result in unforgettable results.”

Why would you choose us?

About Deborah Smaal

After my study in medicine, I immediately started working (after intensive training) as a hair transplant doctor. Since 2012 I have been working for a fast growing and internationally operating company within the hair transplantation world. In recent years I have been working in Maastricht, Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Düsseldorf. Because of this I gained a lot of experience. I also met people of all nationalities and each with their own specific wishes and preferences. Over the years, I have developed my own vision that I can and may proudly share with you in my own clinic.

During these years I saw that the success of such a clinic is mainly achieved due to personal contact. What could be more pleasant than short lines, a single point of contact, full personal attention with the appropriate care that meets the highest quality requirements and standards? With us in the clinic you will feel at home and you can fully relax. You do not have to wait for anyone as we are alone with you. I experience a lot of gratification from working with anxious customers. It is an honor and a challenge to be able to work with clients who are often afraid of medical treatment or who think they will become anxious.

The search for the right location and the right specialists is finally complete. I hope that you can enjoy your experience in our clinic as much as I do.

I am looking forward to receiving you at the clinic so that we can come to a permanent solution for your hair problems together.

Hope to see you again!

Drs. Deborah Smaal

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Positive changes

Our team has seen and treated many different hair types, hairlines and forms of hair loss. We do this with passion, skill and dedication.

Many clients say that after the treatment they not only have a more beautiful appearance, but that their self-confidence has increased. These positive changes often have a huge impact on their daily lives. Cycling through the rain, swimming, sitting under a bright lamp and having a certain desired haircut, all belong to the possibilities again. Clients obtain a different (slightly younger and well-groomed) appearance and are often better off after the treatment. The most common comment is "If I had known that the treatment would be that simple, I would have done it much earlier!".

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

3 specialists

The result of the treatments depend on the qualities of the team. The work requires a lot of attention, passion, above-average dexterity, experience, patience and love.

If learning is so fantastic ...why would you ever stop?

The advantages of a transplant in our clinic include:

  • Practically painless treatment after a short (very tolerable) local anesthetic.
  • Very exclusive private setting where you will immediately feel comfortable and at home.
  • A passionate, loving and (far above average) capable team of specialists.
  • FUE technique is applied in a very unique way through the use of different needle thicknesses. This results in the most natural hairline and volume.
  • During the treatment day we store your pieces of tissue in a very special way so that a lasting result and lifelong growth is guaranteed!
  • High quality of (after) care.

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