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The consultation

When you make an appointment with us for a consultation, you have taken the first (most important) step. Together we will find a suitable moment and ensure that the coffee is ready for you. A consultation in our clinic is always entirely without any obligations and free of charge.

During the consultation all your wishes are negotiable. Together we look at the past and we philosophise about the future. There is a lot of attention for your current state of health to assess whether a hair transplant is medically safe for you.

The desired treatment area is extensively examined and discussed and drawings can be made for clarification. Your personal treatment plan is discussed and we give you a very clear overview of the expected costs.

This is also the right moment to express special or specific wishes to us. This allows us to do everything we can, to be of service to you on the treatment day and to pamper you. Nothing is too crazy!

Before and after photos : We consciously choose to place very limited pictures on the website of people before and after a treatment. That has an important reason. Every person is unique. We treat men, women, children, transgenders and so on. Each client has a different wish, a different hairline, different forms of hair loss, sometimes a hair disease, scars and so on. This means that the result of each intervention is also unique. So a photo of one client does not say much about the result of another client. We also attach great importance to the privacy of our customers. Even if photos were to be placed (with permission), you never know where they end up (via all kinds of digital channels). We find this an unpleasant idea and limit ourselves almost entirely to words on our website. During a consultation we will show you everything so that you get an impression of the possibilities. It is then possible to explain the photo material so that you understand what this could mean for you personally.


Make an appointment free of obligation and free of charge

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